A Happy Customer, Fort Hood 

“DC Blocks can take a bullet...and report to duty Monday morning. You have to look very close to see the 9 mm Hornady Critical defense point of entry. 36 rounds later and still standing - 1 9mm, 15 .40 caliber, 10 .44 magnums, and 10 1oz 12 gauge slugs later!  This DC Block still was usable for the morning workout! While the claim "bullet proof" is a bit of a stretch, it is a fact that this block took 36 rounds over the weekend and still functioned just fine during today's clean pulls.  Wow!  If you need any more "testing", your friends in Texas are happy to assist.”

Fred Eaves, Battle Ground Academy

“DC Blocks have helped us in our development of the youth and high school athlete exponentially! We are able to use them to tailor our movements to the needs of our athletes. DC Blocks have been instrumental in our teaching progressions as well as dealing with deficiencies we currently see in youth level athletes. They are tough, durable, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in taking their program to the next level.”

Christie Pollner University of Maryland

"Big shout out to DC Blocks! Ours just arrived yesterday! We now have the ability to modify lifts based on our athlete’s individual needs."

Harvey Newton Newton Sports

"DC Blocks are the finest pulling blocks I've used. The new, improved crenellated design is bomb-proof and makes for quick, safe adjustments from one height to another. They are convenient, durable, and very easily adjusted. This is a no-brainer; every gym needs at least one set of DC Blocks."

Chin Chih Yung Stronger Fitness Center, Singapore

"Thank you for the Blocks! I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into producing them and they have been a very welcomed addition to my programme to date, even if we've just got them a fortnight ago."

Joseph Terry, Owner, Human Performance Lab

"I've had my full set of DC Blocks® for a couple weeks now. I love them. Very versatile, I've used mine from pulling blocks, to steps, to jerk boxes, to a plyo-box. Light weight, easy to adjust, and strong as heck. I've never been able to do clean and jerks from high blocks and just let the weight drop to the blocks. This allows my athletes to me more aggressive when lifting from the 2nd pull position. Thanks Derrick Crass for coming up with these, it’s made my job easier!"

Freddie & Niki Myles, Owners Myles Ahead Weightlifting

“We love the new DC Blocks®. Our old homemade ones will have to be used for something else now that we’ve traded in for a model that is safer and more functional. Block work is essential. Having the ability to actually drop the weights back down on the blocks is new for us (our old ones couldn’t handle that, so we were never able to take the weights up higher than we could control down). Now that we are using the DC model, we have way more versatility with workouts, and I’m not even talking about all the other stuff you can do with them—belt squats, for example, is one of our favorites. We used to stack plates which took forever and were hard to move and stack. The blocks are stable and light and you can stack them as tall as you want. Changing the height of the blocks is quick and easy. Thanks to Derrick Crass for designing these!”

Dave Overman, Human Performance Specialist, Fort Eustis, VA

“We put in an order with you guys for 150 blocks and they are working great, just wanted to say thank you for helping us out and being so prompt on the delivery for those and we appreciate your service.”

Bob Alejo, Strength Coach, Rice University

"I love these blocks! They are adjustable and work great for our taller and bigger athletes."

Mike Burgener, Program Director CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

"These blocks are bullet-proof AND affordable!"

Dustin Wolf MS, CSCS, RSCC*D
Wesleyan School, Peachtree Corners, GA - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I learned about the quality of the DC Blocks through word of mouth from other strength and conditioning professionals.”

Scott Caulfield, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, NSCA

“We love the DC Blocks here at NSCA HQ, if you’re ever nearby be sure to swing by and visit.”