Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Did that hurt?

A: Only for a split second then, all the time now!

Q: Are DC Blocks® made in the USA?

A: Hell yeah they are.

Q: Will they break with iron weights?

A: No one has been able to break the newest version of DC Blocks® with bumpers, iron weights, or 400 lb. stones dropped on them from 5 feet in the air.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. DC Blocks® have a limited lifetime warranty. Damaged goods will be replaced, but must be returned for processing. Warranty is null and void if used in combination with non-DC Blocks® products.

Q: I have an older version of DC Blocks® with a solid bumper. Will the new one interlock with the older version?

A: Yes. The older DC Blocks® version fits on top of the new crenellated DC Blocks®.

Q: I want to call you! Where is the phone number?

A: Please dial 415.350.1015 to contact Derrick via phone.