You will have the opportunity to learn from Derrick Crass, PA-C, MPT, 2x Olympian in weightlifting (1984 & 1988), and the inventor of DC Blocks®. The course is very active, with 4.5 hours of lab and 3.5 hours of lecture intermingled. You will receive a “Proper Technique for Lifting a Barbell Using DC Blocks®” poster, a “Block Training” manual, and a very handsome and personalized “Certificate of Completion”.

You will learn:

  1. How to clean and snatch from high and low block positions
  2. How to apply what you have learned from the blocks, to your lifts from the floor
  3. The rationale of the starting positions, movement initiation, and finish positions
  4. Various exercises that can be performed from the blocks
  5. How to appropriately program those exercises into your, or your athlete’s routine

Come ready to lift and learn, so bring appropriate and clean weightlifting clothing and footwear. The course has 2-15 minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch period. Lunch is not provided; please bring enough water and necessary snack foods.